Is business writing sending employees to sleep?

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If you’re frustrated by bored or blank faces that just don’t get it, you’re not alone. So, why does this happen when your plans are so exciting?

All good managers want to engage the people in their organisation in their vision – the trouble is their employee communications are often full of over-used, over-blown, bland or meaningless words – including engage and vision. Look at how your company talks in announcements, presentations and emails. Do you see something that would set you on fire if you were on the receiving end?

Copywriting tips to keep them listening

Rethinking how you write your internal communications can make a world of difference. Here are my 3 simple steps to help you:

1. Keep it short

Obvious, but often forgotten. Replacing long words and expressions with short, simple ones won’t diminish what you’re saying. Concise writing that uses everyday words is quicker and easier to read, and usually stands out from the crowd. So you’ve a better chance of being heard.

2. Make it fresh

OK, so we know we should avoid using jargon – but don’t forget old clichés and the latest business buzz words. If they’re in, they are probably being overused, so try something original for a surprisingly good result.

3. Move it along

Here’s a simple little trick that you might not know. Using verbs (doing words) rather than nouns (things) can sound much more active and dynamic. Just compare Our aim is 100% incremental customer satisfaction with We’re aiming to double the customers who like us.

Strong, straight communication that speaks from the heart will excite your employees and help pull them in the right direction. So, if you’re looking for a way to get their attention, try my 3 simple steps and see the difference.

Katy Sewell at Write Personality works with all sizes of organisations, providing tone of voice consultancy, copywriting and training to improve the results of their internal and customer communications.

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