See how many mistakes you can spot here, then check against the answers.

Like it or not, we all participate in fashion. Whether its the bright, jolly colours of Summer or the soft, warm fabrics of colder months, we silently succomb to the pressures of the fashion industry. Even childrens’ranges aren’t immune.

The origine of the word fashion comes fromthe old French façon, meaning way (which in turn came from latin facere, meaning to do or to make.) And hankering after the latest-fashion must have is nothing new. Its almost impossible to think of a time when people didn’t prefer 1 style to another and want to be wearing it.

Of course, in the past there were less ways to get hold of the most up to the minute garments. Since the 1990’s, however, shopper’s have been able to buy on line, while sat in the comfort of their own home. Not surprisingly, availability and demand has gone up and prices have gone down. Shopping Centres have been quite unique in their affect on our spending habits. Some ask whether they have been responsable for bringing fashion to the masses? An alternate view is that they have homogenized the appearance of people from different regions, nations, classes and ages.

So, if you think you are disinterested in fashion, think again.